Flying Colors of Fury

So….As of last weekend I now own a PS2 (I know, I need to catch up on the times right?). The first game I got for it was none other than GUITAR HERO (which I played into the early hours of the weekend). I have past experience with this game so I didn’t look like a total dork my first time after I fired up the PS2. So lots of fun for me (possibly you).

  Also, take note that playing this game for extended amounts of time seems to have embedded little green, red, yellow, blue, and orange circles into my mind which play in and out of my day going up and down the scale (and up again a little later). Alongside this scarily addicting game I also got Dragon Quest VIII which I played about an hour into and I probably won’t touch it again for awhile until I beat the crap out of all the difficulties of career mode. (and 5 star lots ‘o songs).I guess , while I’m at it, I’ll jump over for a second and tell you about the other game I got which was Guilty Gear ISUKA (!!!). Yeah I’ve only slightly played this game since , like I said before, I have been preoccupied playing GH3.

And now you know what games will be keeping me up into the early hours for atleast a month or two. ^^.

(I posted this to kinda keep you guys updated on what I’m doing so you know I’m not dead, for awhile I’ll probably just drop in and post any interesting news I stumble upon)

Thanks for r34ding j00 guys. ^^!~


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