The New iPod Nano (ugh)

What was once a beautiful, slender lady of beauty and uniqueness has now been turned into some evil fat toad(ish) thing that hurts to look at.Yes, it may have video now but I could live without having video capabilities on my nano. Thats why I had my Full-Size iPod. Just think of that little old lady up in the alps who maybe didn’t want to have video capabilities yet still have a screen, too bad, she can’t have that anymore because now whenever she enters the iTunes store she has to worry about that evil temptation in the back of her head tempting her to buy a movie. The horror, right? (okay..maybe not really but…I guess you get the old Alp ladies’ point, right?)

What I’m trying to say her is more isn’t always better, for example, more McDonalds hamburgers isn’t better eventually they’ll make you all fat and stuff, right? (unless your  that one-out-of-10 people, person , that has an extremely fast metabolism) Well too much features will make your, once slender, nano into some freakish creature that can play video and hold a couple more Gigabytes than before. We really liked our nano’s before now.

In the end, it seems we’ll just have to live with it and enjoy what Apple has given us, I don’t mean to seem like I’m beating the crud out of Apples attempts at pleasing their market but Apple has always been known for delivering the sleek and sexy invention that turned everyone on (?) in that day and age.

The New Phat iPod nano

Note: I mean no offense to anyone that is obese I was just trying to get an extremely fanboy-ish rant’s point across. So , hear this, take no offense. :P Long live Haruhi..!


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