ComiKet (72)

Yes…The grand event for all things Doujin..! One of the most memorable and renowned events in otaku history. THIS. IS. COMIKET!!!

For the unfamiliars, I’ll explain. ComiKet is a twice-a-year event that takes place in Tokyo at the Tokyo Big Site. It is the biggest get-together for Circles (I’ll explain in a minute) selling doujinshi to Anime companies giving away goodies and showing off trailers. I’ll start with doujinshi first, Doujinshi (also called Doujin) is what fan-made comics are called. Basically, it’s manga…no..a comic made by a fan (or fans) of a certain title that they like. Just that the story goes in the way they want it to.  The groups of fans that come together and make these masterpieces are known as circles.  Now, you’d probably expect that if they are making these comics based off of licensed titles (not always licensed) they’d be doing it illegally. Yes, that much is true but , actually,  the companies like having the circles and such there. They have no problem with them (evidently if they’re willing to show up at an event dedicated to their comics). Doujin isn’t always based off of a title (licensed or not) sometimes they’re original and this comes to , what I think, is the true heart of doujinshi. Making original stories and characters. Although parody doujin is nice to start out with it’s a great achievement to move up to your own original work.

About 2 weeks before a ComiKet event goes down (winter or summer) you can find the ComiKet catalog in just about any store in Akihabara or Nipponbashi. Today, they have two different versions fitting your tastes either A. ComiKet catalog Book form! or B. ComiKet catalog CD form! If you are planning on attending ComiKet it is mandatory to get a catalog and plan out your routes and what has low stock and high stock. The advantage ,though, of the CD form is that it allows you to color code the items you plan on picking up. So you can grade it , for example, Dark blue being your first stop to light green being your last stop. It also gives you a variety of maps to choose from. It also has a search feature built into it if your too lazy to find some circle websites over the web and find out if they will be at ComiKet. Your catalog , in ComiKet, is your best , closest, friend. Remember that. It’s ‘Mandatory’.  xD

There are three different  days that ComiKet runs. The first two days have nothing really special to them other than just typical ComiKet days but the third day is the 18+ day where all the hentai products get busted out.  There also , as said before, two different events during a year Winter ComiKet and Summer ComiKet. The upcoming ComiKet will be The Summer ComiKet 72. ( will be covering the event for all three days)

If your a foreigner planning on going or a first timer altogether then I would strongly suggest checking out the ComiKet official website to scan their rules. Just so you can have the most enjoyable time in Japan possible. ^_~

ComiKet will probably be a blast. Some of you people who are attending will have to post a comment (It’s MANDATORY).

That wraps things up. Bai bai.


6 Responses to “ComiKet (72)”

  1. 1 storymode August 7, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    Great summary of the goings-on of Comiket. Maybe there will be more English info for you to find and draw from, but most of it is going to be in Japanese as you know. You already know I won’t be going to Comi, but it would be wonderful to have a reason to go other than just scanning doujin and such. You know…like actually selling stuff.

    You left out that Comi doesn’t just have doujin, but various figure modeling companies like Goodsmile and Kotobukiya show up to sell various PVC figures. At times, special edition ones that will be in limited stock. There’s also that joy for those of that hobby.

    Visual novels and Bishoujo/H-games are also offered by doujin circles that want to break into gaming with original stories and characters. Well known doujin groups like TYPE-MOON also offer their products.

    One more thing. Comi also has cosplayers that come solely to be in the spotlight. If you enjoy cosplaying, taking pictures, and earning a reputation for your great shots, Comi is also the place to be.

  2. 2 Lifeslilreviewer August 7, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks, I appreciate the comment (much) Storymode. ^^.

    I was going to mention the other varieties of Doujin…I guess it left my train of thought before I could type it…(Auu~)

    ((This is why I need to review what I’m writing before posting it…>o<))

  3. 3 emmyriceball September 23, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    I am so jealous of everyone who’s able to attend ComiKet. I really want to go to ComiKet at least once in my life, preferrably more than that.

    Even if I don’t go, at least there’ll be new doujinshi floating around the web, now. x3

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