The few, The proud, The fansubbers

I’m posting today to discuss what has come apparent to me from stumbling upon small articles and from what friends have said on “fansubbing” or fan subtitling.

 Even though most fansubbing groups don’t make a profit from subbing , very commonly, anime titles and usually stop fansubbing a title after it’s been licensed in the US. Although, some groups continue fansubbing and thats where the tranquil friendship between fansubbers and “suits” is cut off. To an extent. It’s been a debate since the start of fansubbing on whether it is truly a dirty and illegal act to continue the operation or if it is helping the anime industry in the US.

The licensed side of the story…

This side of the debate believe that , like said before, fansubbing is completely fine until it crosses marks with a licensed title. So in simple terms,  If it’s licensed the fansubbers need to keep their dirty hands off it.

The Fansubbers side of the story…

With fansubbers it’s quite different. They see that if a title is licensed it’s okay to “help” the industry by giving the internet viewers a sample of what it’s like so they can go by their opinion on whether it’s good or not. (Rather than the, usually, unbiased thoughts of reviewers).

  I , myself, being a proud supporter of fansubbers do think on their side of the debate although I do understand, in some terms, the thoughts of the other side. They need profits, it’s how a business works, if they don’t get profits they’ll close and go bankrupt. Even though the fansubbers are trying to , really, help the industry they can’t know what everyones intentions are going to be after getting their hands on the episodes. So , for example, someone could honestly be downloading and episode or two to see if they’ll like the anime but other people will by all means download them and , in some way, get them onto CD’s. Although that side isn’t all bad, some people may just want to archive while others, unfortunately, would probably try making a profit off of it through “pirated anime merchandise”.

Pirated anime merchandise is usually when either A. small companies or B. people who want to make a profit on eBay create or download anime title goods that aren’t the real thing or , in the case of downloading, isn’t legally selling off DVD’s that won’t have all the features of the real deal , usually, for the same price as the real thing. I won’t get to much into detail on that. (Thats why we have google..or one reason atleast.)

All in all fansubbing can go either way in someones eyes but I wrote this to try and give fansubbers some justice in their cause to subtitle anime for us, the otaku community. And also to try and shift your view on it from bad to good or to neutral.

Until next time

-Kiba Inu (Lifeslilreviewer)


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