Mario Kart..Wii~!

The one game that was easily predicted by the main audience, (Nintendo fans), to be coming to the Wii eventually has finally been shown to the public just recently at one of the biggest events in the gaming industry, E3.

Nintendo stated that during the first few months of release a specially made steering wheel will be packed in with the game. Generally, the same idea that Excite Truck creators had for their racing game. The only difference is that Nintendo has put much more effort into the design to upgrade the gameplay to the next level , or so it should.

New steering wheel! :3This is the only picture I could find featuring the new steering wheel for MKW (Mario Kart Wii).

It’s due to come out November 26th or so Fils- Aime stated. It’ll bring along a fresh look on Mario Kart and it’ll also be the first Mario Kart single-driver game to hit the next gen and last gen console.

Now, a look at the controller that I am talking so much about. It’ll feature a button in the back (to the left) that, I expect, when pushed will push the B button which’ll be used for drifting. The WiiMote will just pop into the inner frame like the other steering wheel made earlier in the Wii’s infancy. It’ll have a more realistic steering wheel look to and , I expect, it’ll also feel like the real deal. the whole control setup is still unknown as of now but will , most likely, be revealed in the near future.

And that seems to wrap up this preview that I ever so much wanted to present to the public if you weren’t able to check out E3 via G4 or elsewhere. ^-^ Thanks for reading.


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