IdolM@st3r Xenoglossia

I’m here today to talk , exclusively, to you on the new anime that I have just very recently started watching , or as others might say it, got hooked on. An anime with cute girls (maybe not Mo3 level, Mechs , and an interesting story. I currently have two episodes going on 3. But anyway, to the main summary of this anime now.


Generally, It’s about these auditions for something called “IdolM@ster” that has been getting big with the girls of Japan. But then it turns out to be much more (Hint: Something to do with Giant Robots). With cute voices to lead the way of the characters , nothing can go wrong now! (>:D). Haruka is the the main focus of the characters and probably the most innocent looking one out of the bunch. >_> ((I’m looking at you angry penguin…lady..))

0_0 scary..
Like I said…A-angry penguin girl……0_0

Kawaii overload Awww…how cute. ((I think she likes her *wink, wink*))

_ The emerald eyes of our blazing protagonist…!

0_o no comment It makes you wonder what they pumped her with…0_o

Phones of the future I get the whole ring of iPhone nano…>_>

so much in common... Haruka’s first acquaintance/friend throughout this journey of hers…

Peril The same beautiful emeralds..accept…a wink of either A. Mortal peril or B. Extreme embarassment.

Thats all for my preview to keep you up to date on what is in my download quota! Thanks for reading!

currently listening to: “This is love”- Utada Hikaru


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