Re-connected And…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this post until my internet was revived from the depths and given back to my computer. ((AKA, I was internetless for awhile after I got back)). I planned on writing something way back last Sunday to accomodate coming back but found myself out of time and out of er “internetz”. I’m very happy to be rehooked with the internet and my online friends.

Reminder to peoples that the iPhone came out today. I’ll find someone I know and play on their’s and put a post up about it.


some practice stuff.

Drunk Haruhi I did this one awhile back as a practice and hadn’t put it up. It was also when I discovered a new path that you could take before you applied a layer mask. :P

Macbook and Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, and Konata This didn’t have much effort put into it since it was a first attempt at putting two photos together. ((I’ll probably do one with more effort soon))

Nagato This had even more effort than the above one but still didn’t have much done to it. =/.

((Note: I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done an anime review and I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy to be able to do multiple anime at a time and neither been able to organize notes. I’ll get one up by the end of the summer though! I promise! >: D))


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