New CG workings

Please note, before I show you the selected workings, that all major techniques that I’m using currently were developed by Storymode from and that all credit for the base stuff and technique goes to him and his skill. I’d also like to note that these 3 pieces were done from 2 anime series. Lucky Star (currently airing on JP TV and getting fansubbed) and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Now licensed and no longer creating episodes for).

Now, let the viewing commence! ^_~

Initial D, hardcore, Street Racer Yui
I liked how this one came out particularly well. The font seems to kinda fit but I wasn’t as content as I could’ve been if I had found some cool staticy looking font….

Tsuruya Maid Vers.
I also liked this one but I’m not sure how it really looks off the drawing board. ((especially with it darkened like that)). I’m kind of worried about it’s quality thanks to a couple decisions I made. Meanwhile, the red lines, I think, look pretty cool…

Tsukasa gearing up with some helpful counting
This one wasn’t very much of “quality work” because I didn’t really do much to it. In other words, it’s kind of unsatisfying to me and it didn’t seem very special compared to some other practice pieces I have done over the last week.

I plan to get some more stuff done and put it up after I complete the rest of my plan for those future posts. This is still more like a journal of my progress as I keep posting. Since I’m interested in seeing growth of skill like I have seen other people be able to do.

((Note: I will be gone for 10 days for classified reasons and won’t be online whatsoever. So zero activity will be going on around here starting Friday.))


1 Response to “New CG workings”

  1. 1 storymode June 8, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    (I meant to send this yesterday from work, so this is late. Sorry…)

    Some suggestions for you, since I’ve been occupied/busy/asleep lately:

    1) If you’re going to use images straight from subs, keeping the subtitles in the image is a big turnoff to producing quality work. Either gather a collection of CG images from a gallery some place, or take yourself to the next step and start playing with the Stamp tool (the one that looks like a target). Just so you know, I never use screenshots straight from subs in my work.

    2) The Cousin Yui image looks interesting with that deleted portion out, but the big problem with this one is that you don’t know that it’s Yui other than from the text. The text is cool, but I would concentrate on getting a clear visual piece together before you start playing with fancy fonts. Type-setting is just as important, but ineffective without a well-garnered visual.

    3) Try to do a bit more with your works rather than simply blowing up a screenshot an relying on the text to tell the story. Try combining two images together. You are getting a bit better at your masking technique, but it still needs work. Take the opportunity to try it with two images.

    4) The Tsukasa image is a good start with playing with type-setting techniques, but like I said before, just adding fancified text is not CG work. The text should flow with the imagery as much as possible, not be supporting the entire work unless you’re doing an advertisement or something.

    Keep practicing and look at my work and others to get more ideas.

    Hope your 10-day absence is a good time. Sorry we couldn’t talk before then, but there’s always after.

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