The Start of my practice of CG art

Since I now have embarked into becoming better at CG art and developing my own styles like my teacher has himself. Before I display my beginner Hotto Suru er banners or avatars I guess I’m going to recognize my teacher. I think a few of you may have visited his blog before: . He has taught me his very special and very unique technique that you can see in many of his workings. Even though he probably just loves me publicizing him like this on a fairly small blog that barely has any visitors I still like to do it whenever he is worthy of the celebrity appearance. so note that all technique in these 3 banner (things) come from EtherFuture Designs which will be featuring a small domain , possibly, in the near future. Although it isn’t determined.
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I dont think this one came out very well. It just seems…blunt…not very nice looking and too much brush work.

Hotto Suru- Haruhi
I think this one came out best just because the glow makes it look spiffy. (and “godly” if you know what I mean.)

Akira- Hotto Suru


1 Response to “The Start of my practice of CG art”

  1. 1 storymode June 5, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    I’ve already shared with you what I thought about your work. So, I’ll simply say this.

    Thank you for your mentioning of my blog. Whether you do or not is up to you, and either way, people will come if they find it useful, interesting, or simply support me. You just keep doing what you’re doing here and, like me, keep it up because you want to. ^^

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