Lucky Star preview


A story of 4 highschool girls as they venture through the midst of highschool. Their names are Kagamin, Miyuki, Tsukasa, and Konata.

Akira-chan (Lucky Channel host)
plot (light skim)

 It’s really kind of easy to describe what this is mainly about. It’s following around 4 highschool girls and continues to go up in their years (junior,senior,etc.) throughout the series of 24 episodes. It also has some light comedy similar to an unlicensed version of PaniPoni Dash except that it doesn’t really include everyone in the class with unique personalities and such.  Konata-chan is a female otaku and video game enthusiast who really doesn’t have any sort of plan for her future. She is really intelligent but doesn’t use it and sacrifices it for her love of VG (videogames) and Anime. She’s also got a special skill for cramming that fits well with her. ;D. Shes generally , out of the 4 girls, one of the most funniest and oddball-ish. Tsukasa-chan and Kagami-chan are fraternal twins who have some of the same major attributes as eachother, but, alot of their more detailed attributes such as hairstyle,personality, etc. are fairly different. For example, Tsukasa’s hair is short and has a cute, yellow, ribbon through it while Kagami’s hair is long and doesn’t have anything added to the hair. Kagami also likes videogames, like Konata-chan, but her favorite genre is fairly different from that of Konata-chan’s. She like scroll-shooters over RPG’s and MMO’s. As of recent, Tsukasa’s favorite videogame genres are unknown. Which now leaves us with one more character left, Miyuki-chan, with pink, long, hair and an attractive body she is quite popular with her male components in class (possibly the school). To add on she has a built in clumsiness, +20 attraction, most indefinite “mo3”.

Generally, It’ll have 24 episodes in the series and there are currently, in my knowledge, 6 episodes done the 7 episode shall be complete in fansubbing relatively soon, in theory atleast. Also, might I note, that in a few episodes your gauranteed to notice a couple of the items used as props, some might say. I hope this meets your criteria and you try out a few episodes.

[End spoiler]

Class photo!


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