Ah…webcomics. The trendy addiction of the 21st centuries “cyber world”. It may be stronger for some and for others it may just be something they do when they have completely nothing at all to do other than looking at a blank webpage with a clear address bar.

  Webcomics are one of my , new, favorite hobbies (sorta) that relate to the internet. I’m happy they’re there. I’m also grateful of all the skilled artists/photoshop (or other) geniuses who waste away a half of their time putting up, usually, weekly comic strips up for the internet world to see. Even though some people see them as some kind of internet newspaper comic strip (all thats missing to them would be the newspaper.) and think they always have to be funny, I like it when they sometimes get deeper than just a couple of laughs before going to check your e-mail (or other). When you may cry on depressing parts, dance around when something good happens, or chuckle at a small joke made by one of the characters.

 So, in a nutshell, webcomics have almost been embedded into the whole mass of the internet culture. And all it’s different tribes. They’ve also evolved from simple laughs weekly, they’ve definitely evolved to a more elevated level of emotion. Although not all have a large, dramatic story with so many twists it causes headaches. Some are out there for the sole reason of entertainment and usually are based around video games and anime. Happily, theres variety now. ^^.


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