Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The second Final Fantasy game , so far, to be released on the DS. It was released on April 26th in Japan. The US release date is yet to be decided by Square Enix.

Taking place only 2 years after the events in FFXII on the PS2. Vaan is now a full-fledged sky pirate. It sports most of the familiar players from the previous game, possibly some new characters. Now that it is after the war over Rabanastre, and all is peaceful, Vanna and Penelo find themselves sporting uneventful lives. Then one night an airship lands and they decide to commandeer it. Then they fly off to a new continent (?) called Lemures , now with a whole series of events going on, there will be judges, and a whole load of sky pirates. Positively.

I’m really curious to see which comes out first. Dragon Question IX or Final Fantasy XII: RW. I know that I’m going to be getting both for their unique reviews. ;P The question is, which’ll be better? It seems , from screenshots, that Dragon Quest IX’s graphics seem much better. Although, FFIII had the equal graphics yet FFXII:RW doesn’t seem to have similar graphics.

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