Game slang for a past review…

As I have noted from a fellow bloggers comment I used to much slang and such that non-gamer people that don’t play games or read magazines on a daily basis that some people may not know. I’m going to try and put together a mini-mini-dictionary to aid you.

 battle system- I think this pretty much explains itself. Basically how they put together the system for battleing. ((Ex: whether it’s organized or not, difficult or easy to get the hang off. And is it layed out well.))

 turn-based battle system- a system that uses a more strategic battle system. ((Ex:choose an attack for each of your party member(s) then they’ll attack in a selective order whether it be enemy go first then you or vice versa.))

party members- Members of your “party” or also better known in other words as a “group”. This feature is usually in RPG’s. ((Ex: How you can have up to 6 different or maybe the same species of pokemon with you, thats considered your party))

RPGs-Role Playing Games. A game that has a more detailed than First Person Shooters story to it. Usually able to customize your characters with armor,weapons, and other types of clothing. Also RPG’s will take more than a week to defeat, depending on the developers,audience, and story.

FPS-First Person Shooters. Games that have you under the role of a gun or other weapon user. The sole purpose of these games is to kill enemies with high powered weapons. With usually little to no story whatsoever. More of a plot than anything.

Pokemon- Pokemon, a series of games that has gone back for a few decades. It first started out in Japan as “Pocket Monsters” and then grew into a mass empire with a TV show, Cards, and Merchandise to top it off. It is still popular to this day.

 Gameplay-How fun the game is. Is it repetitive or easy going? Hard to get the hang of or pick and play simplicity? Basically the base of every game. If this isn’t good than the game won’t do good in the marketplace.

Wi-Fi: Wireless internet connection. Wi-Fi allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi USB modem connected to a computer that has internet to let you play with people all over the world. Pokemon isn’t the only game that has this feature, it’s also in a few other hit Nintendo series’. Friend Codes in the Nintendo system allow you to exchange codes with other people and open up, usually, a couple new features to use. In an easier form, Pokemon’s Wi-Fi is safe and won’t teach your kids some new…erm…words to show off to their friends.

Friend Codes- The system that Nintendo uses to keep their community somewhat safe for all ages. Also ,sometimes, opens up new features once you exchange your personal code with another player.

Graphics- Graphics are what you see, so a 3D picture would mean it’s got somewhat top rate graphics. Games,nowadays, use these in some companies to attract players. Usually though, if the graphics are top of the line greatness, the gameplay won’t be the best.

Newbie- really just internet videogame slang for a new player.

I hope this was helpful. I tried hard to make it hard.


2 Responses to “Game slang for a past review…”

  1. 1 storymode May 3, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    If you were referring to me, I never said you were using too much slang. When I said “assuming too much of the reader’s knowledge,” I was referring to how you spoke of past Pokemon games, and how the DS plays and interacts with you and the game itself.

    The list is helpful to people who don’t have any experience with gaming in general, but that’s going to be very few.

  2. 2 Lifeslilreviewer May 4, 2007 at 12:59 am

    Well then. Let the crowds rush in. :P.

    So remember everyone, don’t forget my next! great! article! : D.

    ((I was partly referring to you. But for some reason I was also thinking of parents….))

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