Pokemon D&P, review

Yes, thats right, I’ve finally gotten far enough into the game to assume some things among my notes. For this game I’ll actually have a score sheet at the end of my ((hopefully)) lengthy ,or intermediately lenghty, review.


The center of games to most people now a-days ((especially PS3 and Xbox360 gamers)). Mainly, and flat out, the graphics were great compared to just about, if not all, other GameFreak games ever made. The main things that popped out was the main RO type graphics effect, kinda. Okay they really weren’t anything like RO graphics but it’s a good sum point for the big buildings and energy windmills that litter the game and make you spaz at almost every given moment. The graphics really make the PKMN world jump out at you with vicious ferociousness. Really quite the sight to see. The avatars of the game, y’know your game character, have also been upgraded a bit with new and improved pixel techniques to actually make your guy hold a pokeball high in the sky whenever he/she summons a pokemon to do their bidding on natural items. Ex. Rocks that have the breakable look. In the end the graphics were quite stunning compared to just about every other GameFreak game out there. It was also nice to be walking along and BLAM you see an energy windmill standing there proudly in it’s 3D greatness. Almost teasingly sitting there. The graphics are practically covered as atleast “good” in my book.

General Gameplay

The heart of just about all games. This game had something about it that made it much, much more fun than past games, be it the stunning graphics, the arousing battle system, or just the fact that it’s a freaking new PKMN game. It really made it worth it’s money, ((atleast I reserved otherwise my plan B would’ve let up with a bloodied up knife and some injured fanboys….)). I also noticed that alot of the same tunes with added parts and extended things are ever so present throughout the game. Thats a definite, even the Pokemon Center music is tweaked. Although, even with it’s masked goodness, it still had some major flaws that didn’t take place in past games that may just be me not liking the adaptation. I noticed that any PKMN that were caught and trained to lvl 12-13 with only the first badge wouldn’t listen at all. It was annoying, irritating, hatefully mean, and most of all repetitive. Following this train of thought, it really seems to expect you to only level up your starter pokemon until you’ve got atleast the second badge which you first must beat a lady with a level 16, fairly powerful, cat-like pokemon, and expect to win. Oh goody. It really had some good mask features and background things that could be noticed after atleast an hour or two of play, but that was to mask the repetitive PKMN raising and battling flaws. Which really gets me thinking that they went lazy on that part or they wanted this game to get to real in the care department. Whoever heard of PKMN in the past games that didn’t listen after getting the first badge and being level 12-13? Mainly, the gameplay was flawed with the care issue and basically ruined a good division of the game that was well loved in past games. Looks like some veterans may or may not like this. Or I’m just too picky.


The part most people have been waiting to get to. The Wi-Fi was/is quite fun to use. To an extent. They evidently didn’t take in the fact that Japanese players would be flooding the trade service and be asking for Level 100 Palkias, and etc. When PKMN has only been in the US for what? 2 days? I think that the JP players should lighten up on what they want they’ve gotta note that all the US players have most likely not even gotten to that division of the game. I also had/am having issues with the battle service. To me, the battle service just seems like it’s local just with Wi-Fi stuck in the front to hype people up. I’m sure that you can do it, I just haven’t figured it out. I’ll need to get back to it though. Altogether some parts of Wi-Fi have been quite disappointing while others are okay as they are.((My apologies for not having any coverage on the tunnels, I haven’t gotten to them yet.Evil cat lady…)).

Battle System

Yet another I’m quite excited to talk about. I liked all the flashy battle effects. They were quite nice, like watching fireworks, just not exactly always on July 4th. And that varies to different attacks. It kept you awake while battleing thats for sure. The touch screen battle commanding was a fairly nice battle feature to have too. It was/is fun to use. It definitely makes it unique above other PKMN games from the past handheld systems. The battle music also seems to have some new and old-yet-tweaked tracks for it. They weren’t astoundingly great but they were chosen right for different moments in battle. Victory music really made me feel victorious, that really shows how much attention was put towards the music and less towards the PKMN-too-much-real-life-care-feeling subject. <_<.

General gameplay: 8/10 – thanks to certain things that weren’t contentful >_>

Graphics-10/10- for excellent work in graphics.

Wi-Fi- 9/10- Not as well as boasted Wi-Fi

Battle System- 10/10- For keeping me awake while battleing.


2 Responses to “Pokemon D&P, review”

  1. 1 storymode April 30, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    Since I haven’t played any Pokemon handheld game since Red/Blue, I was interested in seeing what you had to say. Though I can’t give counter-arguments about the game, I will mention a few things that threw me for a loop.

    For the Graphics section, it seems like you ran out of stuff to say. So instead, you repeated much of what you said in the beginning. You could have talked more about the battle animation, if talking with NPCs is any different, etc.

    In the General Gameplay section, you speak about “masked goodness” and such. I have no idea what you mean by that.

    The talk about Wi-Fi was good and informative, but I would have not given a 9 if I had written what you wrote.

    From what I remember about the battle system in Blue/Red, it was fairly basic with simply choosing from 4 or more commands, based on the abilities of the Pokemon. However, in this section, there is a lot of assuming that the reader knows exactly what you are talking about. I would have liked to hear more about how the interactivity of the touch screen feature changes the gameplay for the better in comparison with other PKMN games. Are there any flaws to going that route rather than with normal handheld buttons? Is the command usage the same as it was in past games (i.e. Attack, Item, Run, etc.).

    Your final sentence is very ambiguous and not a very clear note to end on. Also, though it’s not a necessity, I would have liked to see a conclusion of some sort that makes it clear where this game stands out of everything you have laid out.

    I also notice that you try to slip in your thoughts on the sound of the game when you can. You would have been better off just making a section about Sound rather than mentioning little tidbits about sound when they have no relevancy (i.e. General Gameplay, Battle System).

    As for your grading, that is your choice, but your numbers seem to be slightly lenient on the basis that you were really excited about the game to begin with. Based on what you said, these would have been my changes:

    General Gameplay: 0
    Graphics: 0
    Wi-Fi: -1
    Battle System: -1

    As for my thoughts on the review: Nice job putting it together, while being fairly informative. However, some details are not well organized; there are too high of expectations on the knowledge/experience of the reader; and at times it seemed like you were trying to fill in space with repetition (or randomness) to make a certain section appear longer.

    I’d give this review a 6/10. Keep at it though. I have room to improve in my own anime reviews, you know.

  2. 2 Lifeslilreviewer April 30, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    Thanks Storymode. I greatly appreciated this from you. I wasn’t exactly satisfied with it but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong with it. =/ I’ll remember this for next time I do a game review! Thanks a load!

    Hoping for a better outcome next time. Hopefully.

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