Pokemon D&P: Now out to the public.

Yes, I’m sure many of us got up early this morning to go grab our pre-ordered copy so we could vigorously run our DS’s battery into the ground. Boy, do I sound enthusiastic. Mainly because I have to wait until tomorrow to go grab my copy. Thats why I can only put up a preview. Otherwise I would have a review up probably right now. Oh yeah and to whom it may have concerned, they did have a celebration in New York today over it’s release. Too bad I/you most likely missed it since most people wouldn’t just go to New York to celebrate and pay all that money, but then again….Nevermind.

Anyway, I’ll probably have my review up in a couple of days, I have to take some notes on it first and get it all together and organized before I can put it up on here. (What do you expect for me to recklessly just start writing about every single thought on it right now?). Until then I’m sure you’ll either be occupied with 1 of 2 things, 1) You are quite engrossed in your copy of D or P, possibly both. or 2) you don’t have it but your too engrossed with how your gonna pull together the money to get it before all sanities lost. Maybe you don’t even care/know about Pokemon and are doing better things than sitting silently in your room playing/crying/talking to yourself frantically over crazy scams for money. I kid you not though, everyone considering it but don’t know how good it is shall know it, in 2 days, thats mainly just to have me not procrastinate with it and get into a full-fledged Pokemon frenzy like never before.w00t.

I’ll write up a summary for people curious about this game and don’t know zip about it. This is the 3rd installment in the series, of traditonally, two games at release then a third game added later on. (You can find my post on “the cousin” if you take a good look around, it’s not that far back there). This is only predicted information though, usually though past repeats itself, as it has been seen to happen before. Anyway this game will have Wi-Fi connection allowing you to battle people all over the world as well as trade. There’ll even be a globe where you can see what place each of the people you traded with came from. It’ll definitely be fancy. Then when it comes to battle settings you’ll actually ,instead of button pressing battles, be using your thumb or if you’d like your stylus to choose battle options. And the animated scenes will be more lively and actually make you want to fight wild pokemon more than in past games.Altogether the impression it’s giving off his making it seem like a good game, so it’s probably worth getting but I can’t gaurantee that so to be safe, if your unsure, wait until I get the review up. I beg it. Until then you can read this over and over again.

((sorry about switching to bold and all, it kind of messed up on me for awhile so my deepest apologies.))

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