Joining the apple side of the force…

I seemed to have taken a major liking for Apple products and now terribly want one above all other things. It seems to have deeply entranced me to spend all my money on their shiny, sleek products ((Too bad I don’t have any money…Well for freewill spending anyway)). This was partly supported by my sudden cling to a webcomic called “AppleGeeks” it is quite a good webcomic. Fairly funny but can get very serious in some parts.

Anyway, now that I have turned “to the apple side of the OS force” ((Yes cheesy isn’t it..?)) I now, in everyway shape and form, hate my PC to the fullest extent. Seriously, it’s true. After I get a Mac I’m so taking this thing apart to better my knowledge with computers. The only real , yet somewhat small community-wise, competitor that I see in my horizon is a small OS project called “Altimit OS” at first it was just a project made by fans for fans. Now it has definitely turned into something more than that. It has really shifted over to the more business side that you can find in a company.In-fact they are even asking Apple if they’d like to affiliate, I think this would be great for both sides. It may seem unlikely since they’d both be somewhat competing OS’ against eachother but it’d probably boost the traffic of Altimit and maybe even land Apple a team for if they desperately need one at the time to come in and help. It’d definitely equal out both sides of the bargain in my opinion.

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Altimit OS progress shot

Apple, one of the biggest OS companies and also hardware of their own computers, travel computers, media devices, and much more has now switched me over to their side of the OS market. Seeing as now that I’ve seen “The Light” or “Shiny apple” ,as some others would maybe say, Windows is now my sworn enemy who I am forced to cooperate with seeing as I have near zip of spending money available. As much as anyone would care Apple really truly should get more glory than it gets in the real world. It actually doesn’t shut down all the time from viruses.

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Apple co.

All in all, Apple online store has become one of my most favorite places on the net to gawk at all the pretty pictures and flashy brochure type descriptions.^^

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2 Responses to “Joining the apple side of the force…”

  1. 1 rico July 4, 2007 at 7:40 pm

    Hi! Your blog is really informative. I noticed when I right-clicked to copy the image location of that Altimit OS screenshot, it showed your photobucket account and that this was altimit_screenshot_1.png.
    Do you have anymore screenshots of this operating system? I’m really interested.

  2. 2 lifeslilreviewer July 6, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks for the comment. ^^. Unfortunately the project was destroyed by the CEO of the company. It was a small company attempting to do this project. so now all those pictures are lost. You may be able to find some more by asking the leader of the team that was developing it. He’s the head of this forum.

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