Maplestory DS, Hit or miss?

Maplestory, the hit of the 2D sidescrolling, MMORPG, anime world. Nexon stated awhile back at E3 that they’ll be developing and releasing a Maplestory game on the DS. The stun by a million or not so much, was greatly excited for atleast a couple of weeks on the matter but died down.

Since, as Nexon has boasted, they’ll be releasing in ’07 with plenty of time to re-create it that means that anyone who doesn’t want to go throught he trouble of making an Asiasoft passport ID will no longer need to, thats probably a score on the younger players part.Although, I have a question for Nexon. It may have been asked before or maybe not but will they just simply recreate Maplestory onto the DS, simply just place it all from a free computer game into DS catridges or will they take the patient time needed to add a whole new division to the game? That may just be a simple, stupid question but I would like my simple, yet stupid answered. I feel that my question shall be answered when I actually get to play it and decide for my own.

Another thing thats an excite with me in particular is whether there’ll be Wi-Fi connection or not..? I’m sure that you could easily state “yes, of course” but if Nexon is lazy and decides that you don’t need the community in the DS world will the world revolt? Verbally or perhaps physically? Or will it go on as though nothing happened other than a little bug bite that quickly heals up and is soon forgotten? The pros of having Wi-Fi would be easily, hands down, player interaction and maybe a sort of trade system or PK (Player Killer) system. Maybe a con could be putting Nexon through the trouble of developing that extra feature that could easily go either way if you don’t balance it right. As in basic science, “An unbalanced force will make an object fall.”, if you don’t balance a game right it’ll flop over dead from the attack of angry and dissapointed fans that have big scary pitchforks.

I’m not one to stand on the other side of the line against Maplestory but Maplestory on the DS could easily become a thought of, “pointlessness” to some gamers who feel Maplestory on the inernet is easily better than just placing it onto a handheld with maybe some new features. I partly stand on this side of the line. Others on the enemy line may not even own a handheld and won’t bother buying one for this game when the common sense thought would just be to stay witht he PC version where your nice and comfy.

My main concerns here are, 1. Wi-Fi? Will it be there and will be it be done well? and 2. Will common sense rule out over re-buying the game if your a veteran of the game just for a few extras and 3. Will it even be a hit with new players?

This has been a thought writing on Maplestory DS.


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