Byousoku 5 Centimeter

Ah, what I’d say as the equivalent to Hayao Miyazaki. Maybe even his successor to some people. If you have heard of Shinkai-san then you’d most likely think that in just about everyway he overcomes Miyazaki by 110%, I being a Miyazaki fan and now Shinkai “Fan”, would think that they are both good in certain areas of different drawing categories.

I recently decided, actually earlier today, to finally watch it from what a friend reccomended to me. It was as good as I was expecting possibly better. I felt that the background detail was very special in every possible way, likewise, face and body of characters wasn’t as well done as Miyazaki is with his. Yet it was of the same degree in “breathtaking awe” as critics have complimented upon Miyazaki’s work. Let us just go with the idea that, Shinkai-san is a ,less as popular with the American viewers, version of Miyazaki accept for the , now brought up multiple times, detail in backgrounds and very different view with the art styles that make them both unique.

Now, my take on Byousoku 5 centimeter was very positive as I should say. It was pretty much well done, art and story alike, it didn’t have a very predictable line of events and it kept you going at a not-to-slow-not-to-fast pace when it brang you through the story. Although there was atleast one time throughout my time viewing that I was confused for a few minutes until it was cleared. That may just be my own problem but I felt that that was truly kind of confusing for a couple of seconds until it cleared itself up.

This may be a bit short of a response to Byousoku 5 Centimeter, it definitely deserves more praise. Unfortunately I don’t bring much to the table on this topic. In the past few paragraphs I hope you understood what my message was, as confusing as it was. May you all take some time to watch this also.


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