Manga Quest Prt. 1

Yes, what all the people who pass over my site and come back have been waiting for. (Even if you were unaware.) Is now here. ((NOTE: First time using pictures.))

The first place I am starting with is the surprisingly popular and widespread bookstore chain, Borders.

It’s really a nice to look for more popular manga, which can be a grace or a curse, it’s good for people who aren’t looking for manga thats not as well known. They are slightly stocked but usually just “seem” to not have the right volume that your looking for unless you get there early in the morning. (Why should I be complaining, thats true about all things…).

I feel that Borders is good for anyone that doesn’t want to waste a few miles to get to there favored bookstore. Seeing as they’ve got atleast one Borders in every town.

The overall manga selection is pretty nice usually a whole shelf and then a half of another shelf.

Although good selection comes with unfair, sucky prices. You can usually tell though by the price what the quality of the manga is $10 being the best, $7 being intermediate, and $4 being about the lowest quality. If your not a fan of expensive manga and go buy the saying of “Manga, crack is cheaper” then I just suggest getting Manga from your library.

In the conclusion, if you’d like to complete your collection of Naruto or Rurouni Kenshin then I highly suggest going here if not then the internets the way to go.

((I hope you liked that ^^ I’ll be doing more in the future once I get time to visit other bookstores))


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