Sasuke-chan’s art…

I know that I just have to, HAVE TO, put up a description everytime I add something to my blogroll. It’s my way of welcoming it to the “Blogroll Family” and also to tell you what it is and why I added it.

 Since it’s only one thing this time I can give more detail into my description of it. I know that some of you may think that I am just a push-over adding my friends deviantart onto the blogroll but her art is worth the position. It is actually good!

   My friend, Sasuke, made all of the work on that site and although it’s not much it’s quality. Something you don’t see much of in this time of the world. You usually see a quantity over quality sort of thing I have nothing against that understanding that with the masses of buyers out there you need to be able to make more than one and fast. Sometimes though big industries abuse this power and claim that this is why they have such bad quality items. Now what you usually don’t see everyday is a quality over quantity matter. My friend has succeeded in just doing so.

  As a note though, Sasuke-chan’s a girl and although she likes Naruto the anime didn’t choose that as her “Pen name” for that reason but because she felt that name best classified her. I’d like for you to, although I am not forcing but asking, check it out and maybe leave a comment or two. ;D


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