Anime Reviews coming soon to a theater near you!

Hey people I’m sure your thinking, “Where the heck did all your reviews go?!”, well I have been thinking the same thing. My answer to that is that I don’t have anything really to review. Now I could do a preview for you if you wanted for the animes that I am currently working with.

   The reason is that I have been skipping around alot deciding what animes I really want to watch. Since it takes atleast 1 to 2 hours to download two episodes it has tooken me awhile to figure out which animes to stick with and finish. Warning you now though the animes will be unlicensed so don’t freak out if you haven’t heard of them. Just do a wiki search or something. I should probably figure out how to put up a section on the sidebar with a “What I’m watching” effect to it of which I need to ask certain people for help on that.

   I also put this up because I felt like writing something and this was the only topic I could sum up that made any sense to anyone who doesn’t know my day to day life. Also so that if I did put up a topic from my real life problems such as a rant I’d get to re-name this “Blog for my daily rants” so that the rest of the public would know my change in plans for this place. Oh yeah for anyone who doesn’t know the routine of Megatokyo comics and such the newest strip is out for the Omake and another one will be out on Friday.

((NOTE: Directed for New Megatokyo people. Sometimes the strips are sometimes put out to the public really early in the morning or late late at night. So caution! >.<))


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