Pokemon D & P’s cousin soon to be revealed

Just recently CoroCoro, a Japanese Gaming Magazine, stated that in it’s next issue it will be unveiling the “Cousin” pokemon game for Diamond and Pearl. Many people have already predicted that there will be a “cousin” game just from taking a look at Nintendo and Gamefreaks’ strategic way of releasing games.

 For example, a cousin game would be Emerald version because it is still in the same region as the two main games, Ruby and Sapphire, but it’s got different things added. Like Rayquaza as your main legendary pokemon and how the story is just a bit tweaked from the two header games. Also with Crystal being the “cousin” of Gold and Silver versions. This means that it’ll be having a few tweaked things to it from the plot and storyline of the two main games.

 I’d like to point out that they are only “unveiling” it to the, mainly, general Japanese society. So don’t start freaking out that it’s already done and will be releasing in JP soon after the release of D & P in the US. Really they are only trying to inform the JP society and not the US society it’s only the researchers who do the kind of work of peaking into JP societies news in gaming, anime, and technology all together. That being said in a more detailed sentence, I am basically saying that it’s got a 98% chance of being the D & P cousin over a Pokemon Wii game.

 I’m looking forward to May issue which will be out in Japan on April 15 2007 just 7 days before the US release of D & P. A site that’ll be keeping up to date with this issue is: www.pokemonelite2000.com  so stay tuned with them to stay really up to date I might put up something on the “cousin” game around the time of notice.


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