Manga Quest description

I’d like to introduce this small mini-series that I am going to launch starting with this post. Before I get underway with “The Quest” though, I need to thank everyone who comes onto my site even if you don’t leave comments I would still like to thank you all for your somewhat invisible support. I hope you all continue to read.

Now, manga quest is my new mini-series of posts that will consist of going into various book selling places (sometimes same company but different store) that sell manga specifically. I will try to support these posts with pictures but I can’t gaurantee. I’d also like to answer that small question in your head thats asking “Why doesn’t he just start already?”, well I’ll answer that with this, I still need to go to atleast two different manga selling bookstores before I start Part 1 and so I’ll have some stuff ready for Part 2.

The main idea/focus of this line of related posts will be to describe the best and the worst of the bunch when it comes to variety and other divisions of ratings. This will be like my attempt at a manga purchasing HQ for you. I hope you will enjoy reading these as much as I will writing them.

((Note: It’ll take maybe 2 weeks at the utmost to have atleast coverage for Part 1.))


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