CCorp now hiring (well I guess “Have been”)

Apply for a job at CC Corporation!

Over the last several months, we have been informing players that we were not hiring at the current time. This ends today. CC Corporation is now hiring young, skilled staff to help with The World, The World R:2, and CC Corporation in general. For the most part, this is all volunteer work, and will not be paid, though you sill will gain experience, as well as join the CC Corporation family.

Right after casually reading through the latest news, I stumbled upon this small statement at the end. I quickly, excitedly, opened up the application page and typed in my information and typed up a “resume” as I guess it would be called in job matters.

I am fairly excited to see who all gets selected out of the many many people applying for Forum Moderator and Game Moderator. I already have invisioned some people who most likely went bonkers from hearing this.

I myself would like Forum Moderator but am not boasting for the job. If I get it, I get it, if I don’t then I don’t. Although I would really love to work alongside my inspiration for most everything I do, I greatly admire them if you didn’t already notice.

I just felt like posting this for all the community to see who actually take the time to view my blog.


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