Naka-Kon ’07!

Yet again I go to a special event and don’t have my camera, thank god my friends brang camera’s… bad I didn’t bring mine. Anyway, Naka-Kon ’07 was AWESOME! It was tons of fun even if I only came on Sunday to attend the event.

The Game Room was where we mainly were after we blew all our money, and after we couldn’t Mooch anymore money off of people. As you walk into the room off to the left is a few tables, one containing a Go board (….I gave all 3 of my friends teaching games….) and the other had people playing Dungeons and Dragons. And veering your head off to the right you’ll see a giant overhead screen display with gamers fleeting around it commanding their little Naruto characters to beat the crap out of the other players, you’ll also see two DDR set-ups, a Bleach fighting game, a SNES that had Mario Kart, and ANOTHER Naruto fighting game set-up. My friends mainly spent their time at the DDR set-ups…..I suck at Dance pad DDR T-T….(Keyboard Dance FO LIFE!!!) . The  game room was awesome and totally worth paying  $20 to get in for.

Now to show off my swag. From what I got at the convention I’ll give a detailed list below:

1.Little Mannaphy pokemon plush keychain

2. Special Japanese version of the New Super Mario Bros. DS stylus (Item block)

3. Grey Cat hat with little cloth strips coming down

4.Cloud plush (It was the last one but killed a good amount of my money $26)

5. a knife for gouging my eyes out after seeing creepy cross dressing cosplayers (that were guys and did terrible…*shudders*)

Anyway….I know…not much swag but thats only because I didn’t have my $90….But AFW Con ’07 shall make up for it!


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