Preview: Sonic The Hedgehog (Xbox360)

As  I walk randomly into the Video game section of a computer store, I see many other gamers young and old browsing through the games looking for some good deals. I see a few demo’s for PS3, Xbox360, and Wii. I spot one playing Sonic The Hedgehog and quickly walk over and grab the controller so no one else could claim a turn. I had heard a topsy turvy amount of good things about the game and bad. As I start to play I mentally note that you can barely control Sonic and usually ended with me falling to my death in the, well done, water. I also noted that, as glorifying as it was to move the screen, the screen moved about as fast as an old lady walking 1 mile an hour.

After playing through tidbits of the level I pressed the start button, set the controller down, and walked away ashamed at how bad it had scarred my mind. With it’s slow screen moving abilities and uncontrollable speed gameplay.

 Now I sit in the warmth of my home wondering how many people had been ripped off by it’s terrible gameplay. I’m not saying that they totally ripped us all off, the graphics were amazing from what I’d seen and they kept the same robot killing, jump attack thing that they had used throughout many of their other games that used  3D graphics (not counting “Shadow The Hedgehog”).

 So far, this game seems like it was just another pitiful attempt by the Sonic Team that had plummeted down from release day. Now I say that it is a preview because I have only played a demo but I don’t think I want to spend hard earned cash on this…thing….


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