Console preview: Nintendo Wii

Ahh, our little white friend who looks alot like some types of DVD players. Also known for it’s very original controller and gameplay ideas (Wiimote….so damn clever…). Nintendo has told us all that “It’ll have a variety of games for a variety of people.”, meaning that supposedly, in theory, you’ll see old grannies in old people homes swinging their Wiimotes around smacking tennis balls and swinging golf bats. That also means that it’s for our Hardcore Gamers who are looking for some Sword slashing, monster killing, games currently Zelda style ;D.

The Wii, is explicitly fun as I have come to discover from playing it. The only problem I currently have is that all I’ve got to play is a rented Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Wii Sports (I’m playing Zelda: TP on the Gamecube then I might play Wii version), nothing good is coming out until later this year which means for all us gamers, “Oh Joy! We get to play every Wii game we own atleast 20 more times until anything new comes out!”, or atleast so I imagine it. Anyway the Wii will be a major hit, in my eyes, once all the other great well anticipated titles release.

Now the controller I believe deserves some attention, seeing as no ones ever tried this before. Yes the “remote” has already been released for our TV’s (which I have quit, I only watch movies now), and no the “Wiimote” hasn’t been released upon the world until just a few months ago. The controller fits smugly into any players hands, well human hands, and gives you a great urge to click the “A” button over and over again because of it’s shiny-ness. The controller totally makes me want to play for hours, (which I have done countless days), and yet still not be very tired until the next morning while I’m sitting at my desk rubbing my eyes vigorously because I’m still seeing crazy lawn gnomes yelling “Hey…hey hey hey hey…hey!”. In my eyes the controller is great!

Now I feel like making a remark on the surprisingly well done graphics. When I first saw someone playing LoZ:TP (Wii version) I was totally stunned at how the graphics were totally different than the GC version’s and actually made feel all fresh and crisp at the game. Well since I’m only skimming the graphics I feel as though I need to wrap this up and get back to my downloaded anime….

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed!


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