I’ve decided to start experimenting with game/console reviewing, previewing, and featuring. I hope that it all comes out good, I also may start experimenting with new writing styles, so if some of my future works seem to be different thats the reason. And like always I’d like to have people comment on my work. Anyway the next anime review I do is going to be a preview I believe….and then a review of that anime later. The preview will be over a Mech anime called Soukou No Strain. (That means you will probably have to download that ;D) Later after I get done with SNS I’m going to start on Zegapain (because currently I’m all into the Mech animes ^-^). So don’t worry your waiting will soon be over.

(PS: While I’m still writing this post, this next coming weekend I don’t believe I’ll be able to post much since I’ll be very very busy.)


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