Air Gear

Okay, sorry for the long absence as I explained in another post, I’ll get myself back on the ball with this anime review of Air Gear!

This anime pretty much blew away all common sense in me when I saw the first episode, the music, the story, the art Everything! (note: This review will not be biased as hard as it may be…)

Well lets start with my favorite part of “The List”! The music, yes the music what brings the anime to life when you watch it, if you don’t have good music, you won’t get many viewers. Anyway back to music, the music was very pleasing with it’s nice very background oriented techno beats that should deserve a good, pleasing (hopefully), 5 out of 5 rating, as lame as a number rating is….

Okay now lets go on to my view on the story, Air Gear is based on…oh maybe a few years maybe a few decades ahead of the current time, the anime starts out with a highschooler named Ikki who, in the beginning, was the leader of The East Side Gunz gang, he eventually fell in love with ATs (translated to Air Treks) after making a mess at dinner and forcing the females of the house to go bathe, Ikki takes his chance and entered an “off-limits” room discovering a whole library of AT’s, equipment, stickers (for Sleeping Forest the house owners’ team). He picks out a,stylish mind you, black and yellow pair of ATs to go test drive out on the road. Ikki eventually gets himself into “The Meeting” where he leaves off with a bunch of angry police men and another team called Skull Saders after him. In my opinion I loved this anime because it put a large emphasis on growing from a newbie to AT’s into a seasoned veteran (well I guess you could say veteran..) who is also named the king of the Sky Road.  Anyway on story I was immediatly pulled in and addicted.

The art, wasn’t anything exactly special and it seemed that once you get into the “teen” episodes the form of the AT’s up close seem to be lame and lazily drawn. But on the plus side of the art, it really emphasized the comedy parts of the anime. Anyway the art doesn’t have much about it to talk about or obsess over. It kind of got an evenly matched rating on each side of negative and positive.

Okay well I hope you all enjoyed that after my long absence and remember I’d really appreciate comments on my writing! Until next time ^-^


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