Hikaru No Go

I hope j00 enjoy this manga review ^-^,

I have been a fan of the HNG series for a while and love going back through and reading my collected manga of this series. The story is what I’m going to start with this time, I liked the story very much, it’s about a boy named Hikaru who finds an old Go board that contains the spirit of a ghost who then willingly rushes in and takes up a small rent-a-room in Hikaru’s brain (who woulda though he’d have a rent-a-room in his head..) and from then on annoys Hikaru during Go games that he plays and during school and many other things. I think the writer, Yumi Hotta did a great job keeping it fun loving and interesting to read seeing as thats a very hard task to complete.

Next on my list *checks list of things to eliminate from “The List”*. Well next on “The List” I have Art! Yes the great art the show-er of whats going on,and the leader of the visuals. Okay the art was greatly realistic I fell in love with Obata-sensei’s art style especially with jeans and pants. The hair style’s are also very nice, lets just say the art is beautifully done to sum up this topic on “The List”.

“The List” now demands for me to write about the actual Go supervising by Yukari Umezawa (5 dan). The games were actually well coordinated they knew when to speed a game up to the end or keep a game going slow for a certain amount of time to display something important. (“The List” isn’t all that good at telling what’ll have me writing alot or little yet…). Anyway to end this topic, the supervising was great Umezawa did a great job on showing what was possible and what wasn’t possible. ^-^

( and since I rarely do more than 3 topics with manga I’ll end this)

Well to follow up this review, I think that Hikaru No Go is a great choice for the person willing to read anything good, or are trying something new out. It’s art is great and will get you excited about each character and how well done they are. The story is well constructed by Yumi Hotta and can keep you clenched on just it and not your cat banging into the wall mindlessly >.> *stares at his own cat*. Anyway I hope you enjoyed ^-^ Until Next Time!


1 Response to “Hikaru No Go”

  1. 1 Hinata February 20, 2007 at 2:31 am

    Kiba-kun, I entirely agree with you about this manga, Hikaru no Go is a whirlwind of great storyline, characters, personalities, and art. Hikaru’s personality does change drastically from start to finish, and he really grows up. Sai seems to become more grown-up as well, which sounds odd considering he’s over 1,000 years old, but it’s true. I have to admit, the most spectacularly drawn character is Sai, with his large oriental robes and long flowing hair, completed by a very tall hat. He’s such an interesting character, as his looks don’t always match his personality; maybe seldom does? Being the girl that I am, I however think that the Insei, Waya, is the best-looking character; why? He’s cute, simple as that. I hope you enjoyed my, er, commentary Kiba-kun!!

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