Prince of Tennis

I know this is probably one of those well known animes that you can easily switch on your TV to and watch but I thought that since it’s on Toonami and just got out of Jetstream that it’d be a good one to start out with.

Okay well personally when I watched the first episode I wasn’t wowed by the opening music or artwork neither was I really clenched on the story, but I particularly did like the voice actors, they chose well in that category I can give ’em that. Even though I already said that I didn’t like the story, I really kind of meant only some parts of the story, I did like how it was about a sport and they could do that without making it boring like some sports animes I’ve seen. Another thing I’d like to acknowledge is the characters and how unique each one is with voices, hair, eyes, walking, etc.

Okay so to sum up this small review, the voice acting was a plus definitely, the story partly makes it into the loop but can’t exactly make the full cut in that division, the music doesn’t seem to wow me whatsoever and reminds me of almost all the other americanized animes on Cartoon Network and such , the art doesn’t really stand out above other animes it’s got that same kind of style accept maybe that everyone’s hair is shining brightly all the time.


well I hope you folks liked that I’ll try to do another one soon like maybe tomorrow night. Until then ;D


1 Response to “Prince of Tennis”

  1. 1 Anime January 23, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Prince of Tennis is one of the nice sports anime…I love every tournament in the story…I like Ryoma and Kikumaru in this anime because they both have speed and flexibility…

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