the death of an alter ego, and the resounding end of a fail and a chapter.

i have not written on this blog in a while. I don’t intend to ever write on this blog again and I’m only writing this to say that this is the death of an alter ego, and as said, the close to a failure of a blog anyway. that was a different chapter of my life which is now gone.

I find little reason, for the most part, to be part of the internet (other than communication with friends) as it is slowly turning into a dystopia of ridicule.

video games can only be so real.

the internet is spiraling downward and alas will be hardly a tool for information anymore eventually. there is no real core to discover in this web, I’ve looked, and as I’ve matured I have slowly been moreso repelled from it all. maybe thats just a trap to any intellect trying to look deeper.

I know that is all bullshit and that is why I’m closing this blog. it is pointless and amounts to nothing. goodbye to anyone who stumbles on this blog again.


My god, I’m still here.

Yes , well, it’s been nearly 4 months. Which is a LONG time, for some people who are content whores :). I’ve been more busy dedicating time to the blog that I co-write on. Creating content for that and busy doing, y’know, things in my own life that I’m more dedicated to than writing for Otaku subjects. I guess some of you would call me a betrayer but more than likely you just don’t care because your probably not reading this anymore…


Guitar Hero 4’s coming out so I’m pretty excited about that and might write something about it. Maybe I won’t. Depends. :) unpredictability is good, in the words of the commercial demi-gods of America. So, yeah, throw a penny in the fountain for me, will ya?

Flying Colors of Fury

So….As of last weekend I now own a PS2 (I know, I need to catch up on the times right?). The first game I got for it was none other than GUITAR HERO (which I played into the early hours of the weekend). I have past experience with this game so I didn’t look like a total dork my first time after I fired up the PS2. So lots of fun for me (possibly you).

  Also, take note that playing this game for extended amounts of time seems to have embedded little green, red, yellow, blue, and orange circles into my mind which play in and out of my day going up and down the scale (and up again a little later). Alongside this scarily addicting game I also got Dragon Quest VIII which I played about an hour into and I probably won’t touch it again for awhile until I beat the crap out of all the difficulties of career mode. (and 5 star lots ‘o songs).I guess , while I’m at it, I’ll jump over for a second and tell you about the other game I got which was Guilty Gear ISUKA (!!!). Yeah I’ve only slightly played this game since , like I said before, I have been preoccupied playing GH3.

And now you know what games will be keeping me up into the early hours for atleast a month or two. ^^.

(I posted this to kinda keep you guys updated on what I’m doing so you know I’m not dead, for awhile I’ll probably just drop in and post any interesting news I stumble upon)

Thanks for r34ding j00 guys. ^^!~


If you haven’t already heard (from some of the more “reliable” visual culture news sources) then I think all you Lucky Star fans out there will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Kadokawa USA licensed L*S not to long ago. (they had a video clip in the R1 of TMHS vol. 4 of episode 16 in English).

 Some people are horrorified by this announcement, some are in glee. Me? I’m just kinda in the middle. If they do the title good then I’m fine with it, if they don’t…then thats another story (I’ll go on strike or something).

((by the way sorry I haven’t been talking in awhile. Internet kinda helps in gathering news and information and publishing to the ‘net (((just a little))). Just so you know I didn’t die.)

Nendo Lucky Star characters

The age of the Nendo Lucky Star characters is upon us…! Even though the Lucky Star season has ended we still have our manga, books, figures, and now nendo’s to remind us of it’s greatness high up there in Otakudom right next to Haruhi.

Good Smile has put together these excellent figures below and are about 10 cm high. Both, Kagami and Konata, are released January ’08. I don’t know of any pre-ordering availabilities right now ((I might post it when and if I get ahold of that information))

Nendo Konata~! `0w0

It contains different faceplates and such so that you can customize Konata into any of her numerous stances that we have seen throughout the 24 episodes. VVVShe’ll also come with VVV


We not only get Konata but also Kagami as seen below. :3

TsundereTsundere Kagami is shown here with her infamous Tsundere look.

She has Minoru packed in.

Both Omake’s are left unpainted for the fans to get creative with. ;P

I hope you guys enjoyed see j00 next time..! >0<

Atama Ga Warui

The New blog that none of you would know about UNLESS you tune into Alexiel’s blog is now open for business and yes I am the partner in crime with Alexiel on contributing what we’d like to the community. :3 feel free to comment and don’t be scared by the info thing, we don’t get your E-mail address and you don’t have to have a website just put down a name (like some net alias or something) and we’ll  probably reply shortly afterward. ^^

So, yeah, go read it and I hope you enjoy it. (leave lots of comments. ;P)

The New iPod Nano (ugh)

What was once a beautiful, slender lady of beauty and uniqueness has now been turned into some evil fat toad(ish) thing that hurts to look at.Yes, it may have video now but I could live without having video capabilities on my nano. Thats why I had my Full-Size iPod. Just think of that little old lady up in the alps who maybe didn’t want to have video capabilities yet still have a screen, too bad, she can’t have that anymore because now whenever she enters the iTunes store she has to worry about that evil temptation in the back of her head tempting her to buy a movie. The horror, right? (okay..maybe not really but…I guess you get the old Alp ladies’ point, right?)

What I’m trying to say her is more isn’t always better, for example, more McDonalds hamburgers isn’t better eventually they’ll make you all fat and stuff, right? (unless your  that one-out-of-10 people, person , that has an extremely fast metabolism) Well too much features will make your, once slender, nano into some freakish creature that can play video and hold a couple more Gigabytes than before. We really liked our nano’s before now.

In the end, it seems we’ll just have to live with it and enjoy what Apple has given us, I don’t mean to seem like I’m beating the crud out of Apples attempts at pleasing their market but Apple has always been known for delivering the sleek and sexy invention that turned everyone on (?) in that day and age.

The New Phat iPod nano

Note: I mean no offense to anyone that is obese I was just trying to get an extremely fanboy-ish rant’s point across. So , hear this, take no offense. :P Long live Haruhi..!